Friday, March 4, 2011

Social Drop-Outs

I just read that it's National Day of Unplugging so this topic isn't likely to get a lot of hits.  I was planning on discussing my feel regarding this whole 'Green Movement' anyway, so I'll bring it up on Justin On... a blog I host over at Wordpress.  For now, I'd like to bring up my other topic... the original one for which I had planned this post.
What happens to make people not as socially minded on the weekends?  I am inundated with posts about a bunch of stuff everyday... especially on Facebook.  But come the weekend, the chatter almost entirely shuts off and it's almost like I might as well not post anything.  I don't really have any sort of answer for this... maybe it's some kind of having free time thing I just don't get spending most of my free time using the computer.  I don't understand it... I just know that starting every weekend, hits on all of my sites go way down.  Well, whatever you're all up to, I hope you're having a ton of fun!

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