Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Falling Back

I have a problem. Some would probably suggest that everyone has a problem and that I should quit whining... but this journal is about me whining... in some form or another.  The main issue is that I don't have a job or a regular source of income that I receive for services or goods.

Due to that my life has suffered immensely.  I really can't expect my family to bail me out of a jam and to be honest, I really don't want that... I try to get ahead in the world and whatever I try doesn't seem to make an impact on my success or failure in life.

Did you know that my blogs aren't the first thing I've tried.  Heck, making money on my own wasn't even the first thing I tried. When I got out of school I actually tried to get a job... I mean, I tried hard!  I was calling, networking, applying, writing and rewriting my resume... changing cover letter to entice a potential employer to inviting me to interview.

After just under a year of that I withdrew a bit.  I wasn't getting very far and putting so much effort in that I just wasn't happy.  About that time I rediscovered my Zazzle store and decided to add more to it and put some energy into getting my own projects into the world. I fixed up and changed my website a million times... joined all the major social networking things and made sure the information on them was decent and relevant.

I had a few sales from my Zazzle store and I was emboldened to create more stores in the hopes that I might reach a larger audience across the web.  It hasn't worked... I made a grand total of $35.00 from my zazzle store and most of that was actually because of a family member purchasing gifts.

Throughout this, I've kept applying and networking at a reduced yet still very productive rate and I have only four interviews at places that were not all that close to my goal.  I knew I'd be starting out more or less at the bottom but I didn't think I wouldn't be able to break in at all.

I'm not sure what point this all has, I suppose I wanted to justify myself to you and tell someone I'm still trying.  Unfortunately, it isn't really up to me at this point... the world needs to throw me a win and I'm just not sure it has that for me.

P.S. I wanted to mention that I want to play World of Warcraft but I would have to pay for a subscription... I actually have a subscription card but after 60 days I'd have no way of renewing it... unless something drastically changes for the better. I'll be hoping for that either way!

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