Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I want to take a minute to make sure you check out Rifftrax!  Rifftrax are commentaries that make fun of movies while you watch them.  While there are a lot of older movies and shorts you can buy all ready to watch, for many of the recent films you are just buying an MP3 file to sync up with the movie.

Some movies have a riff player file you can sync with and watch it riffed on your computer... but they don't seem to have a lot of those.  If it sounds too complicated for you, a simple search will reveal ways in which you can make your own rifftrax enabled disc but it works fine manually seeking everything up.

Wondering what kinds of jokes they do?  I really can't explain it... they'll make comments based on what's going on to random references to 90's pop culture... really, you'd have to watch one to know. There are samples of each one on their website and there is a vast library of commentaries to choose from... so if you like to laugh... I over-watch them and I still laugh so hard that I do a spit-take into my cream soda ending up with cream soda in my face... and if you like any of the movies they do... which is a wide array... check them out!

If you do decide to try one out, I'd start off with the Matrix... or The Fifth Element... they are early on so you won't find too many references to other Rifftrax and they are one solid file that is easy to sync with the movie... plus the movies stand on their own, so you won't get stuck wondering what happens next.  If you are still unsure of the whole syncing thing you could always try out one of the DVDs they have... they aren't recent films but they are still pretty funny!

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